Integrated into nearly every space of Comfort Hotel Grand Central, the art concept "A Station of the Liminal" derives its context from the building itself - in both it's original and it's updated purpose - as a nexus rather than as a place of actual departure or arrival.

In anthropology, liminality is the condition of disorientation that occurs at the halfway point of rituals and rites of passage, when participants are no longer defined by their pre-ritual identity but have yet to acquire their post-ritual status. Of particular interest is the idea of "fixed" liminality, in which the reintegration process fails to take place, and the liminal state becomes permanent. Frozen out of the sequence of social life, individuals trapped in a liminal situation are deprived of the narrative structure on which their objective rationality was based.

In the visual language employed for this project, bogus symbols and motifs of cultural and spiritual identity are arranged in dense compositions around central zoomorphic figures, whose features and gestures portray the insatiable ambiguity of beings for whom the rational basis of self-identity is lost.